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Walt Disney Presents: The Story of Menstruation

When many people hear Disney, the first thing that comes to mind is princesses. A princess, as defined by Merriam-Webster online, is a woman having sovereign power; a female member of a royal family; a daughter or granddaughter of a sovereign; a woman in high rank or of high standing in her class or profession.

In short a princess is a woman, a female, a daughter. So princesses must have periods right? Of course they do!

In 1946 – just nine years after the first Disney princess was introduced – Kotex partnered with Disney to produce a 10-minute video about the process of menstruation. The animated story, which was part of an educational series, was used as a tool to teach girls about their bodies. Taking the complex topic of periods head on, Disney used this video as a platform to set the record straight about periods. Yes you can (and should) exercise when on your period. Yes you can (and should) bathe when you're on your period. And yes, periods are as natural as growing from a toddler to a teen.

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