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shē thing Inc. was established on July 3, 2017 to honor the life of Delilah Jackson Taylor.  A survivor of single motherhood, addiction and homelessness, Delilah experienced many of the same life experiences as the women that shē thing serves.  Delilah’s spirit was unbreakable and she embraced every aspect of being a woman.  She never allowed the obstacles of her life dictate the outcomes of her life.  The true embodiment of an empowered woman, Delilah eventually obtained her master’s degree and established a career as an addiction counselor.


Through shē thing, Delilah’s legacy is carried on by her daughter and our founder.  Like the example Delilah set for her daughter, our vision is to empower women and girls to live full, productive lives regardless of life’s obstacles.  As a grass roots organization, our work directly impacts the quality of life of the women we serve. 

Mission Statement: Through outreach, education programs and advocacy  shē thing provides menstrual education and feminine hygiene solutions to women and adolescent girls in impoverished or developing communities.


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