Where does my money go?

shē thing accepts two different types of monetary donations – donations for menstrual kits and general donations.  

100% of your menstrual kit donation is used to get supplies for our kits. Monies from your genaral donations are broken down as follows:

50% Menstrual Solutions

shē thing is a grass roots organization and we spend the bulk of our budget providing menstrual solutions directly to women and girls who need it.  

25% Education & Outreach

Right after accessibility and affordability, menstrual gaps exist because of the lack of social acceptance and dialogue.  We spend a quarter of our funds developing and executing education programs. 

15% Chapter Support

Without the help of our generous partners and donors, shē thing would not exist.  Our chapters serve as megaphones of our message and active ambassadors in their communities.  We use a portion of your donation investing in our chapters.

10% Operations

While our passion is serving women and girls, we have to be mindful of the business side of shē thing.  The remainder of our budget goes to organizational operations and expenses. 

shē thing Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your donations are tax-deductible.


I have a product or business.  How do I partner with shē thing?

Our partnerships and relationships with businesses are central to our work and we'd love to discuss opportunities with you.  If you're interested in partnering with shē thing, please contact us.  For a faster response, please use PARTNER in the subject field. 


What're #whitebags?

#whitebags are what we call our menstrual kit or period pack.  shē thing #whitebags contain everything women and girls need for a clean, healthy menstruation cycle, including: pads, panty liners, cleansing towelettes and tampons.  Month after month, we distribute #whitebags directly to those who need them most.  Click here to donate #whitebags.


How can I help?

Your involvement impacts the lives of thousands of women and girls.  shē thing offers 4 different ways for you to take action and help eradicate menstrual gaps:

  1. Become an advocate.  Follow shē thing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates, facts, statistics, articles and words of empowerment. Then simply share our content to spread the word.

  2. Volunteer.  Volunteer at our next event, help us sort and distribute products, organize a drive, or establish a chapter in your community.

  3. Make a donation.  Your donation will be used toward general shē thing programs, operations and initiatives. 

  4. Give product.  Donate a menstrual kit and give women and girls everything they need for a clean, healthy menstrual cycle.


How do I get my school, business or shelter added to your distribution list?

shē thing is a grassroots organization. In that, month after month we distribute menstrual supplies directly to those who need them most.  This includes homeless and women's shelters, schools and specific businesses.  If you're interested in getting your school, business or shelter added to our distribution list, contact us.  For faster response, use DISTRO in the subject field. 


I'm an individual and need help with menstrual supplies.  Can shē thing help me?

Our mission is to provide menstrual education and feminine hygiene solutions to women and adolescent girls in impoverished or developing communities.  If you are an individual or family who needs help obtaining menstrual supplies, please contact us.


What's a "menstrual gap?"

Did you know the number one reason girls miss school in sub-Saharan Africa is being on their period?  Did you know that girls in impoverished communities often miss school because they lack the necessary tools to help them manage their period?  Did you know that companies are creating policy that allows women to take off work during their period?

If girls are not in school or women are not at work they are often not afforded the same opportunities – socially, academically, culturally and economically – as their male counterparts. When this disparity is rooted in or caused by menstruation, there lies the menstrual gap. 


Where can I send supplies instead of making a monetary donation?

Great question!  If you're solely interested in supporting our outreach programming by providing products, 100% of donations made toward menstrual kits are used strictly for that purpose. You can also shop our Amazon.com Wishlist or, you may mail unused, wrapped menstrual products to:


shē thing Inc.

1855 E. Smoky Hill Rd. #460241

Aurora, CO 80015-9998


I'm a member of the media.  How can I schedule an interview with someone at shē thing?

We are so glad you're interested in learning more about shē thing!  If you're a member of the press/media please contact us directly.


How can I start a chapter in my community or my school?

Without the help of our generous partners and donors, shē thing would not exist.  Our chapters serve as megaphones of our message and active ambassadors in their communities.  If you're interested in starting a chapter in your community or school, contact us.  For faster response, please use START A CHAPTER in the subject field.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

shē thing is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your monetary donations are tax-deductible as defined by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170.  For as little as $5 a month, you can ensure women and girls have everything they need for a clean, healthy menstruation cycle.  Click here to donate now.