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What do we do with your money?

Like many nonprofit organizations we rely on donations and grants to finance our projects and programs. Oftentimes grants are very specific in how the funds given to us are used. But we are equally as specific with how the funds given to us through donations are used also.

So, where exactly does the money you give to shē thing go?

At shē thing we ask for and accept two kinds of donations – general donations and donations for our #whitebags (also called restricted donations). Restricted donations are donations that are specified to go toward a particular shē thing program or line item. For example, all donations made for #whitebags are used strictly for that purpose. These restricted donations are used to purchase the supplies and bags we distribute to women.

On the other hand, our general donations are broken down a bit differently. Our general donations not only go toward #whitebags, they are also used for education and outreach, chapter support and operations.

For every general donation dollar we receive, 50¢ goes toward menstrual solutions (i.e. supplies for #whitebags), 25¢ goes toward education and outreach, 15¢ supports our chapters and 10¢ is allocated for operations.

There you have it! Regardless of if you choose to make a restricted or general donation, as a 501(c)(3) organization, all gifts made to shē thing may be tax deductible as defined by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 170. And for as little as $5 you can ensure one woman has everything she needs for a clean, healthy menstrual cycle.

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