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What your period says about your health

The human body is an amazing thing. From the time of conception, every part if it works for a specific reason, non-stop for the entire duration of life. The fluids your body excretes, sweat, tears, saliva, urine, feces and blood can all be indicators of what's happening internally with your body. But did you know the common things you experience during menstruation can also be indicators of the state of your health?

Menstrual Flow

Light: Usually a sign of being perimenopausal. Light menstrual flow can also be a sign of poor nutrition, auto immune disorders, hormonal changes, Asherman's Syndrome, stress or Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Heavy: Losing more than a cup of blood on a menstrual cycle can cause anemia. Heavy flow can also be an indictor of polyps, fibroids or tumors. Heavy flow is usually combined with painful PMS which can be debilitating.

Period Pain

Due to the process of menstruation where the lining of your uterus is shed, it is considered normal for there to be some discomfort, cramping and pain during your period. However, severe cramping in the lower abdomen can be a signal of endometriosis. Endometriosis is a serious health problem. If you suspect you might have endometriosis, consult your physician.

Post Period Bleeding

If you're on birth control, it is considered normal for you to have some "spotting" between your periods. If you're not on birth control and you are experience spotting, this can be an indication of vaginal infection, polyps, hormonal imbalance, pre-cancer or cancer. If you are bleeding after your period, seek an evaluation from your physician.

Period Color

Cranberry Juice: this is the color of normal period

Mashed Blueberries: can be a a sign of high estrogen levels which came the lining of your uterus to be thick, causing heavy bleeding

Strawberry Jam/Light Pink: an indicator of low estrogen levels which leads to vaginal dryness, hair loss, fatigue and low libido

Missed Period

Pregnancy is the most common reason for a missed period but it isn't the only reason. Women who lift heavy weights, are taking birth control, are obese or have low body fat can also experience missed periods. Are you close to menopausal age (51)? This can also be a reason for missed periods. Missed periods can also be an indicator of PCOS, thyroid issues or brain tumors.

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