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CALL TO ACTION: Hurricane Harvey Relief

We've seen the photos. We've watched the videos. We've heard the news. The catastrophe that is Harvey is tearing through streets and communities in Texas. As a result, hundreds of women and adolescent girls have been displaced, some of them losing everything. With the amount of trauma and distress experiences like this can cause, the last thing any woman or girl should have to be worried about is accessing feminine supplies.

Our mission is to provide menstrual education and feminine hygiene solutions to women and girls in impoverished or developing communities and, with your help, we aim to just that for our sisters in Texas.

We'd love your support. If you're in Denver or surrounding areas, we're asking you and others you know to consider stopping by the drop-off location listed on the attached flyer to give one or all of the needed items.

Our sisters need us and every contribution counts.

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