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Why aren't men concerned about periods?

For far too long talk about periods has been taboo. A process that is as natural and essential to a woman as breathing is looked at as nasty, disgusting and gross. Why is that? In my humble opinion, it's because periods are a woman "problem." If men had periods, could you imagine how accepted they'd be? Each man trying to outdo the next with his manly PMS symptoms....

But periods aren't a man thing, they're a she thing.

I get it. Periods are a bodily function that men will never first-hand experience or completely understand. However, as some wise person in history once said, justice will not be served until those that are unaffected become as outraged as those that are. In other words, men, who – for all intents and purposes, right or wrong, like it or not – remain "heads" of households, hold top political offices in the world, make more money and have more opportunity, have to start caring as much about periods as women do. Because as harsh of a reality it is, at the end of the day, women are not the ones calling the shots. Period.

Why does it seem easier for women to become motivated to end period poverty than for men? Why are so many women bothered by the fact that young girls prostitute themselves for money to buy sanitary napkins and men aren't? Why do women stand up for those who are banished from temples and schools and workplaces, and men don't? Shouldn't all of these things be concerning to all humanity?

Sure there are men who have joined forces to help bridge menstrual hygiene gaps. This post isn't intended to minimize their efforts and support in any way. I applaud them for taking a stand. How do we go about getting more men to understand the importance of female empowerment, opportunity and rights?

I don't have the answers to any of these questions. But I do know it has to start with WOMEN. Women have to become the change they want to see. If women still believe that their period is gross, nasty and disgusting, why would men think about them differently? If women aren't comfortable with conversations about periods, why would men be? If women are still embarrassed to go to the store to buy menstrual products, why would men be comfortable doing so? If women still think it's taboo to talk about periods, men certainly aren't concerned with talking about them either.

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