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How do homeless women deal with their periods?

Our mission is to provide menstrual education and feminine hygiene solutions to women and adolescent girls in impoverished or developing communities and oftentimes this includes homeless women. In 2016 it was reported that women make up nearly 40% of the homeless population in the United States. Month after month, many of these women get their periods. Knowing that the average monthly cost for menstrual pads is $6 and tampons is nearly $8, homeless women are frequently left with choosing between buying food or buying tampons. Homeless women have had to resort to using napkins, toilet paper, plastic bags, towels, cotton balls, makeup pads, socks and t-shirts to manage their periods.

Poor menstrual health can lead to rashes, toxic shock syndrome, bacterial vaginosis, infections and even cervical cancer. What we do here at shē thing is not simply providing menstrual products to those who need it most, we are addressing a global health issue. We believe that having a healthy, clean menstruation cycle is a basic HUMAN right. We also believe menstrual hygiene isn't just about access to sanitary products, it's about empowering women and adolescent girls to live full, productive lives, PERIOD.

As a grassroots organization, we provide clean menstrual products to homeless women every single month. Click here to find out how you can help move our mission forward. Because while one person can make a difference, only together can we impact the world.

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