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Chrissy Teigen showed the world her period skin

It's always refreshing when celebrities step out of the Hollywood glitz and glamour to give us evidence that they're actually real people who go through "normal" things. Monday, supermodel Chrissy Teigen took to her Twitter and Snapchat accounts proving that menstrual side effects don't just plague the average Jane.

"This is my skin on my period. Look at it. So angry. Ow," Teigen said.

While it's easy for women to completely relate to period skin. they weren't the only ones who responded to Teigen's video.

So what exactly is period skin?

The onset of your menstrual cycle brings about many changes to your body. Among the, cramps, tender breasts and skin reactions. This is due to the hormonal shifts normally experienced during menstruation.

Period skin is caused by the increase in progesterone – a hormone that stimulates the uterus to prepare it for pregnancy. This heightened level of progesterone in your body causes sebum to build up beneath your skin's surface, resulting guessed it period skin!

There aren't any tried and true solutions to period skin. Keeping up with your normal skin care routine sometimes helps BUT. Doesn't it make you feel better to know that even beautiful supermodels struggle with period skin?

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