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5 Reasons why menstrual education matters

1. Menstrual education can help reduce the number of cervical cancer diagnoses in women.

Cervical cancer, skin irritations, toxic shock syndrome and bacterial vaginosis are just a few of the ailments linked to unhealthy menstrual hygiene practices.

2. Menstrual education helps debunk myths and superstitions about periods.

In cultures around the world a menstruating woman or girl is deemed unclean and often banished to isolation for the duration of her period. In Wester civilizations, conversations about periods are frequently seen as taboo.

3. Menstrual education and access to menstrual products helps ensure girls are in school and afforded the same academic opportunities as boys.

The #1 reason girls miss school in developing countries is because they are on their periods.

4. When girls are in school they are able to take advantage of opportunities eventually allowing them to get jobs and contribute to the economic development of our communities.

5. Menstrual education and access empowers women and adolescent girls to live confidently and freely.

Knowing they have access to menstrual solutions from month-to-month gives women and girls the security and confidence they need to help them live their lives as they normally would while on their periods.

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